Academic Excellence in a Spiritual Environment

Our mission is to provide a quality education for students in core subject areas, which are taught in the context of the Bible, to prepare students intellectually and spiritually for further academic studies and to encourage all students to realize their full potential in the areas of intelligence, spirituality and social awareness.

Reverence For God 1 At Florida College Academy, the true purpose of life is emphasized. It is to glorify and honor God. All adults and students are to act in such a way as to not violate this.
Respect For Others 2 Another person’s self-worth is not to be violated. We may not agree with a person’s behavior, but it does not justify us violating their dignity and not expressing compassion. This does not excuse others for inappropriate behavior.
Responsibility For All I Do 3 Regardless of the actions or behavior of another, it does not justify us lowering our standard of conduct. Situation ethics is not accepted. Each person, student and adult, is responsible for what they say or do.

We believe in grace and second chances. It is certainly taught in the New Testament, and the Lord is longsuffering toward us. Students will be encouraged and expected to follow these principles. All students will be considered for admission to Florida College Academy regardless of their race and national or ethnic origin.