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Mr. Wade
Mr. WadePrincipal
“The phrase I use to tell people how it is to work at FCA is, “ I have died and gone to heaven on earth”. I have worked in a number of schools and have worked with many schools throughout Hillsborough County and across the nation. FCA is very unique. I have never been around any school of any level where the number of employees who are on the same page matches what we have at FCA. The quality of teaching across the faculty, the commitment by those in every position, and the treatment and concern for children is unrivaled.”
Beth Manaugh
Beth ManaughAssistant Principal
Kendra Stano
Kendra StanoAdministrative Assistant/Nurse
Aubrey Henson
Aubrey HensonReceptionist
Guy Warner
Guy WarnerFundraising
Amy Hollis
Amy HollisPre-K Teacher
Sarah Brown
Sarah BrownPre-K Aide
Mary King
Mary KingPre-K Aide
Brenda Schmid
Brenda SchmidKindergarten Teacher
Lauren Blaylock
Lauren BlaylockKindergarten Aide
Kasee Metzger
Kasee MetzgerKindergarten Teacher
Kim Keenan
Kim KeenanKindergarten Aide
Jenna Pepper
Jenna PepperFirst Grade Teacher
Jessica Parimore
Jessica ParimoreFirst Grade Teacher
Jenny Goad
Jenny GoadFirst Grade Teacher
Wendy Robinson
Wendy RobinsonSecond Grade Teacher/Elementary Team Leader
Edie Dorrell
Edie DorrellSecond Grade Teacher
Debbie Jones
Debbie JonesThird Grade Teacher/Intermediate Team Leader
Shanna Greenlee
Shanna GreenleeThird Grade Teacher
Jackie Gilliam
Jackie GilliamFourth Grade Teacher
Paula Walker
Paula WalkerFourth Grade Teacher
April Behle
April BehleFifth Grade Teacher
Bettye Behle
Bettye BehleFifth Grade Aide
Lori Caldwell
Lori CaldwellMiddle School - Language Arts/Team Leader
Shelly Riley
Shelly RileyMiddle School - Social Studies
Stephanie Meier
Stephanie MeierMiddle School - Mathematics
William Copes
William CopesMiddle School - Science
Andrea Hastings
Andrea HastingsMiddle School - Advance Math
Sherri Nunley
Sherri NunleyMedia Specialist
Josh Hasting
Josh HastingPhysical Education
Delaney Stano
Delaney StanoAftercare/Athletic Director/P.E.
Jessica Moore
Jessica MooreMusic
Courtney Garth
Courtney GarthArt

All employees of Florida College Academy have an obligation and legal responsibility to report professional misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators that affects the health, safety or welfare of a student. Suspected cases of professional misconduct should be reported to Mr. Lynn Wade, Principal, Florida College Academy, at 813.899.6800, ext 801