IMG_1441Vision Statement

Florida College Academy seeks to provide a:

  • Family atmosphere where everyone is safe, caring and involved
  • Christ-like attitude expected of everyone
  • Academic performance that averages at least two years above grade level

Mission Statement

Florida College Academy is dedicated to providing its students with a competitive education in a safe, supportive, spiritual and stimulating environment. We strive to foster an intrinsic love of learning, the development of individual skills and talents, an awareness of the value each person has to society, and an unshakable love and respect for God. Our goal is to enable students to succeed in continuing educational programs and live as moral, responsible, contributing citizens.

All adults, parents, students and visitors who interact or enter the FCA campus are expected to comply with the vision, mission and core values of the school. This is the expectation at every FCA function on and off the campus. By signing the agreement on the last page, every parent commits to the standards and expectations. To not do so, violates the agreement for enrollment and places in jeopardy the student attending at FCA.

Philosophies and Objectives

FCA seeks to nurture the spiritual, emotional, physical and developmental needs of all its students. Therefore, FCA will provide:

  • separate, yet integrated, academic levels of Pre-K, primary, middle, and high school through Grade 9.
  • coordinated transitions between the levels of FCA and other schools
  • a positive, welcoming environment with clearly stated expectations and guidelines
  • an environment of courtesy with regard to race, nationality and gender
  • on-site medical care for minor wounds and medication administration
  • opportunities for school, parent, and community sponsored events and extra-curricular activities

FCA seeks to foster intellectual growth at all grade levels. Therefore FCA will maintain:

  • a rigorous curriculum including instruction in mathematics, English, social studies, and science, as well as Bible, foreign language, art, music, physical education and health, and technology.
  • well trained, educated and certified teaching faculty
  • a focus on creative thinking, critical reasoning, and effective communication skills
  • admissions, placement, diagnostic, and standardized testing
  • communication with parents via evaluations (progress reports), email and telephone, conferences, and a newsletter
  • opportunities for staff to participate in continuing professional development programs
  • educational support such as libraries and computer laboratories
  • appropriate levels of books, teaching materials, and equipment

FCA seeks to maintain a strong governance model to ensure optimal operation of the school. The school principal, under the authority of the Florida College Board of Directors and the President of Florida College, will:

  • maintain an enthusiastic, positive, highly educated and skilled faculty
  • develop the policies by which the school is administered
  • promote good public relations for the school
  • appoint committees as needed