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All instruction is designed and implemented using a differentiated approach, including learning opportunities that appeal to students’ academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Beginning each day in chapel, students are reminded of their responsibilities to our God, and to one another, through stories, singing, prayer, and demonstrations.  Students’ classroom work will include a variety of activities including, but not limited to, the use of computers, document cameras, math manipulatives, art materials, research, group projects, and large and small group instruction. Daily time is set aside for recess when students have an opportunity for exercise and socialization with students across classes and grade. Regular professional development sessions allow teachers to analyze the effectiveness of current practices and work with colleagues to adjust as needed to meet the needs of particular students or groups.

All students receive instruction weekly in art, music, technology, and physical education from  highly qualified instructors who specialize in each subject. A media center stocked with a treasury of reading material, a computer center, and a dynamic full-time media specialist is available to students daily.