Intermediate (3rd-5th)

//Intermediate (3rd-5th)
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The intermediate curriculum builds on skills mastered at the primary level.  The literacy program shifts to a focus on deeper comprehension, reading for personal growth and enjoyment, connections between text and content (i.e. science and social studies), and reading materials that require persistence and processing over time (chapter books/novels).  Students will learn and practice writing in multiple genres (i.e. personal narratives, informational, how-to, and persuasive writing), to a variety of audiences, with an emphasis on development, organization, and writing conventions.  Cursive handwriting is again modeled at the third grade level and encouraged at 4th and 5th grade.  The mathematics program continues the goal of developing mathematical thinkers by exploring more intricate patterns, more complex computation, and challenging multi-step/multi-skill problem solving.  At the intermediate level, science and social studies instruction continues to focus on The Next Generation State Standards.  Social Studies instruction will focus on history, geography, economics, government, and humanities.  In science, students will participate in a variety of lessons and activities learning to apply the scientific process to studies in life, earth, and physical science.  The Bible curriculum is a 3 year strand covering both Old and New Testament history.  Students will explore the incredible story of God’s loving plan for our salvation, from the sin of Adam to the sacrifice of our savior.